Tips To Stay Safe During Water Damage Restoration

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Did your home recently suffer damage from a flood? Is there water lingering behind walls or near electrical outlets? It is, of course, important that you do what you can to maintain safe conditions in your home during any attempt at water damage repair or restoration. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure safety for you and your family.

Protect Your Body

Before getting anywhere near potentially contaminated water or other hazards, you need to have the right personal protective equipment for your body. This includes protection for your eyes and your hands as a start. You should also likely wear long sleeves and long pants, even if they are going to get wet because that might keep contamination from touching your skin directly. Non-slip work boots are also advised.

Turn the Power Off

Don't ever wade into the water if you think the power is still on in a given area. Get to your breaker box if you can and turn the power off first in any affected area. If you do not believe you can get to the box to cut the power without wading through water, contact an electrician for help instead.

Avoid Contaminated Water

Flood water can sometimes mix with household chemicals or other contamination. If the water does not look clear, try to avoid it or limit the amount of time that you are in it. Use a wet vacuum if you can to suck out some water if you believe your sump pump or other tools are not getting the job done. If you must come into contact with contaminated water, be sure to wash your skin well after contact.

Dehumidify and Ventilate

Once the water is gone, you need to work to avoid the development of mold. Properly dehumidify and ventilate the area. You will likely want to invest in a dehumidifying device. Open any windows in the area. Failure to get the moisture out of the air may cause mold to start growing within a day or so of the water exposure.

Contact a Pro

Water damage repair and restoration is not a task that should be taken lightly. If you can't properly prepare yourself or keep yourself out of harm's way, you will want to hire a professional to assist you.

Contact a water damage restoration service in your area, such as GraEagle Construction LLC, to learn more. 

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