5 Services To Include With Your Office Carpet Cleaning

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Regular maintenance keeps office carpets clean, so they last longer and create a more pleasant work environment. Although vacuuming is excellent for daily maintenance, occasional deep cleaning and carpet shampooing is also necessary.

1. Stain Treatment

Regular cleaning will get out plenty of soil and grime, but it may not make much of a difference to more stubborn stains. Whether the stain is the result of tracked in oil from the parking lot or an ink spill near the copier, your carpet cleaning crew may be able to lift it out with the right solution. Adding specific stain treatments onto the regular cleaning service can help extend the life of the carpeting.

2. Staple Removal

A common complaint when it comes to office carpeting is that staples get tangled up in the carpet fibers. These look bad and slowly cause damage as they work their way into the carpeting. Staple removal is time consuming, but it is an add-on service offered by many office carpet cleaning services. Once the staples are removed, consider using rugs or mats around desks to minimize staple issues in the future. 

3. Deodorizing Options

Offices aren't immune to stinky carpets. Tracked in grime can be smelly, of course, but often office carpets develop stale, musty odors due to moisture and the fact the office is often closed up over long periods like the weekend. Your carpet cleaning service can provide a deodorizing treatment at the same time they clean the carpets. The deodorizer will kill mildew spores and bacteria in the carpet while also freshening its odor. 

4. Rug Cleaning

Rugs are an excellent way to extend the life of office carpets, especially when used in high traffic areas like main hallways and around desks. Don't make the mistake of putting dirty rugs back down over recently cleaned carpet. Instead, have your carpet cleaners shampoo and dry the rugs at the same time you schedule the main cleaning service. 

5. Power Drying

The longer the carpet is damp, the more likely it is to develop musty odors again. Plus, damp carpet absorbs more soil stains from foot traffic. Your carpet service can use powerful moisture extractors and industrial fans after cleaning in order to speed up the drying time. This way you can be sure that the moisture is gone by the time everyone returns to work the next day.

Contact a carpet cleaning service if you need more assistance maintaining your office carpets.

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