3 Critical Strategies To Win The War On Mold

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Owning a home often means facing assaults from numerous enemies. Everything from pests to major repairs will threaten your house, and avoiding costly expenses requires you to understand your enemy and the best tactics to beat them. Of course, mold is one of the most challenging foes you'll face. Since mold spores are nearly everywhere, it doesn't take much for mold to take hold in a house.

Mold problems can sometimes be obvious, such as in the case of rapid growth following a flood. However, mold can also be a crafty invader, and you may not recognize the signs until you're dealing with a significant problem. Whatever the case may be for your home, these critical strategies will help you win this war and permanently eliminate your mold problem.

1. Conduct Recon

You can't win a war without accurate intelligence, and mold can be a crafty opponent. Many homeowners don't realize they have a mold problem until they detect a musty odor or notice health symptoms. Unfortunately, these warnings usually mean you have a fairly substantial mold problem lurking in out-of-sight locations.

Hiring a professional mold company to inspect your home can give you the critical reconnaissance information you need to make informed decisions. An expert inspection will determine if you have a mold problem, uncover the likely locations of major mold colonies, and help you understand the extent of your home's mold invasion.

2. Formulate a Battle Plan

Once you've gathered your intelligence, the next step is to formulate a plan to remove the mold from your home permanently. If your inspection turns up only minor mold problems, you may be able to tackle the invaders with do-it-yourself solutions successfully. However, most larger mold infestations will require professional attention.

Note that severe mold problems may require some heavy artillery. Your mold remediation company may want to remove affected porous materials such as drywall, and some demolition may be required to access spaces behind walls and ceilings. Since this work can be intensive, planning the project's scope before beginning is crucial.

3. Implement Total War

When it comes to mold remediation, half-measures never work. You need to fully remove the mold from your home and address any underlying causes resulting in excessive moisture. This "total war" approach might seem excessive, but leaving mold behind or failing to identify and remove water sources will allow the remaining mold to form a new beachhead and start the infestation again.

The importance of fully removing mold from your home is why you should work with a professional mold remediation company. Experts know how to root out even the most hidden mold locations and the steps necessary to prevent it from returning. By taking the fight to the enemy, they'll ensure your home remains mold-free for many years to come.

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