Building Your New Home? 4 Places To Use Flexible Molding

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If you're building a new home, now's the time to work on the details. That includes the molding. Crown molding can enhance the appearance of your home. But, there are places where wood molding won't work well. For those areas, you can use flexible crown molding. If you haven't added flexible molding to your list of building supplies, read the list provided below. Here are four places to use flexible molding in your new home. 


If you want to use crown molding in your finished basement, you need to think about moisture. You might think a finished basement won't have moisture problems, but that's not the case. Moisture can build up in your finished basement too. Unfortunately, moisture can cause wood rot. That's why you should choose flexible molding for your basement. Flexible molding is resistant to moisture damage. That makes it the right choice for your new basement. Flexible crown molding also works well in other rooms that get a lot of moisture. That includes bathrooms and laundry rooms. 


If you're choosing the molding for your home, think about the curves. Wood molding works well on straight edges. But, when it comes to curves, you won't get the fit you need from wood. That's especially true where doorways are concerned. If you want to add aesthetic designs to your doorways, you need the right molding. That's where flexible crown molding becomes beneficial. Flexible crown molding is designed to adjust to any of the curves you add to your doorways. 


If you've decided on crown molding for your new home, don't forget about the windows. Your windows will get exposed to extreme weather conditions. That includes extreme temperatures. Wood molding can rot and warp when exposed to extreme temperatures. That's where flexible crown molding comes in handy. Flexible crown molding won't warp, rot, or crack when exposed to extreme temperatures. That's why you should choose flexible molding for your windows. 


If you want to design custom furniture pieces for your new home, be sure to include flexible molding. Flexible molding goes beyond home design uses. Flexible molding can also be used when designing custom furniture pieces. That includes tables, bookshelves, and entertainment centers. There are a couple of benefits to choosing flexible molding for your custom furniture. Flexible molding is easy to clean. And, you can stain the molding to match the wood molding you're using in your home.

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