Three Reasons Why It Is Important To Have Water Damage Restoration Completed As Quickly As Possible

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If you have had a water heater crack or a pipe burst, water may be present in your basement or in your home. When large amounts of water are present in your home, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is putting off the clean-up process. It is important to hire a water damage restoration or water damage remediation company as quickly as possible to remove the moisture and sanitize your space. Here are three reasons why this is so important. 

Water Has the Ability to Cause More Damage the Longer It Sits

One of the reasons why it is so important to have water damage restoration completed as quickly as possible is because water can cause more damage the longer it sits. Some things, such as drywall, become damaged when water sits against its surface and is absorbed by the drywall. Other items in your home, including wood, upholstered items, and carpet, may or may not be damaged and have to be removed if water is sitting on top of them. The key is how much water the item absorbed and how much damage the absorbed water does. Removing the water as quickly as possible and drying the item out helps to minimize potential damage, which may be the difference between items being salvageable or not after water damage has occurred. 

The Odds of Mold Growing Can Increase the Longer Water Sits

Another reason why it is so important to have water damage restoration completed as quickly as possible after water damage is that you can minimize mold growth by removing water quickly. Mold can start to grow in as little as 24 hours, and mold can grow the longer it sits. Removing water and moisture as quickly as possible can help prevent mold growth or minimize the spread of mold that may already be present. 

Bacteria and Germs Can Grow in Water and Sitting Water Attracts Pests

The final reason why it is important to remove water from your home and have water damage restoration completed quickly is that bacteria and germs can start to grow in sitting water. Sitting water also attracts pests. To keep your home clean and sanitary, you want to remove sitting water in a timely manner. 

Sitting water in a home should be removed as quickly as possible to help minimize the amount of damage that is done, help decrease the chances of mold growth, and help ensure your home is clean and sanitary. If you have sitting water in your home, reach out to a water damage restoration or water damage remediation company as soon as possible. Contact your preferred local company today to obtain an estimate for water damage restoration services. 

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