Waterproofing Services: 3 Signs It Is Time To Call A Handyman

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Unexpected water damage is one of the scariest things to experience as a homeowner. Uncontrolled water flowing into your house can cause a lot of distraction and expose your loved ones to serious health risks. For this reason, it is crucial to call a handyman to deal with any water seeping into your house to reduce its harmful effects. The problem is that it is not easy to see the signs of water damage if you are not actively looking for them. So, to hire the basement waterproofing services on time, it is important to understand the early signs that your basement is exposed to water damage. Here are the top indications that it is time to waterproof your basement.

1. Shimmering or Sparkling on the Basement Walls

Though most people assume glittering or sparks on their basement walls are because of the drying concrete, that is not the case. The shimmer on your walls is not normal and signifies that water is seeping into the basement walls. When this water evaporates, it leaves behind white mineral deposits, which reflect light, causing the sparkling appearance you see. Therefore, the next time you notice efflorescence or shimmering on your basement wall, hire a handyman to find the source of the problem and fix it.

2. Staining on the Floors and Walls

Water stains on your basement walls, floors, and carpets indicate water is seeping into these areas. Water stains can be due to various causes, such as cracks on your home's foundation and plumbing leaks. Such problems need immediate repairs, or they could lead to serious damage. For instance, your walls can buckle, or the damage might get to your foundation. So, don't wait until the damage reaches this point. Instead, reach out to a handyman to handle the damage and prevent further damage.

3. Foul Smell From the Basement

Although most basements serve as a storage space for unused items, that does not mean they should have a bad odor. So, it is important to be keen on the smells coming from your basement. If you notice any dump or musty smells, it means your basement has excessive humidity even when you don't see the signs yet.

Moreover, a damp and dark space provides a suitable environment for mold growth. Once mold grows in your basement, the musty odors from the basement will be more distinct. Mold growth will also appear as black spots on your walls.

Unwanted water in the basement can be a nightmare for any homeowner. Such water can cause extensive damage to your property and belongings, leading to serious losses. For this reason, it is vital to look for signs of unwanted water seepage, such as musty odors, water stains, or efflorescence, and hire a handyman for waterproofing services.

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