2 Reasons Why You Should Skip Installing Your Home's New Entry Door Yourself

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If you have an old entry door for your house, you may be concerned about its ability to do its job. You may worry that the door is no longer able to keep your household safe while being able to keep the hot and cold air from the outdoors from creeping in and driving up your energy bills.

After looking online on how to hand a new door, you may be tempted to do the job yourself. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should skip doing it yourself, and instead, have a professional install the new entry door for you.  

1.  Increased Chance That the Door Will Be Crooked When Hung  

One reason why you should avoid turning the installation of the entry door into a do-it-yourself project is that there is an increased chance that the door will be crooked when you hang it. Hanging the door is not as easy as simply pulling out the old door and placing the new one in the existing hole.

When the original door was hung, the walls were most likely in a different position and have shifted since then. If you do not allow for the change in the angle or the shape of the doorway, the door will not be plumb and even, making the door stick.

A professional will know how to carefully measure and plane the edges of the doorway, if needed, to make the door fit and hang correctly.

2.  Decreased Chance the Door Will Be Properly Sealed and Insulated

Another potential problem with hanging your own door is that there is a decreased chance that the door will be properly sealed and insulated. Part of this issue goes back to the door being crooked when it is hung, which will leave gaps around the door.

The other part of the issue is that the frame itself may need to be repositioned to create a seal or have insulation installed around it. A professional will be able to do this more easily because of their knowledge, experience, and access to materials and tools.  

While installing a new entry door for your home yourself may seem like a simple job, there are nuances to the installation of which you may not be aware if you do not have previous experience. This could leave you with a crooked, poorly insulated door that will be difficult to open and will allow cold/hot air to enter your house. Instead of attempting to do the job yourself, contact a business near you that offers door installation services to have them hang the door for you. 

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