5 Surprising Causes Of Water Damage

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Water damage is most often associated with natural flooding, plumbing leaks, or backed-up sewer lines. While these can be the most sudden and severe types of damages, there are other causes that may be even more damaging, although not as immediately devastating. 

1. HVAC Drainage

Depending on the location of your air conditioner or evaporative cooler, drainage from the system can lead to water damage. Roof-mounted units pose the most risk as a clogged drain pan or leaking drain line can cause water to enter your roof or walls. Ground-mounted units pose less of a risk, although overflowing condensate systems may leak into basements or beneath a foundation if the unit's drain is near the wall.

2. Broken Windows

A window doesn't have to have an obvious crack to cause water damage. Issues with broken seals can cause water to seep inside. Failed insulation seals on multi-pane windows are another issues that can cause water damage due to condensation buildup on the failed insulated glass. Sometimes issues appear with the window framing itself as gaps may allow moisture incursion between the walls of your home. Rot and mold buildup will result, which will require extensive restoration to fix.

3. Roof Leaks

Although a roofer can repair a roof leak, they may not be able to address the water damage inside the home. Roof leaks typically affect the attic first. Moldy insulation and water rotted rafters may require restoration. If a leak went on for some time before it was spotted, there may also be water damage to the ceiling's drywall and support studs. Removal of the mold is the first order of business, followed by repair or replacement of any damaged structures. 

4. Basement Condensation

A basement doesn't have to leak or flood to suffer water damage. Many basements, particularly those that are finished, are subjected to condensation buildup. The dampness can be from things like a washing machine and dryer use or from a poorly ventilated shower. Moisture doesn't vent out of a basement well, so it collects inside finished surfaces like drywall, ceiling tiles, and flooring. Damage can be quite extensive when it is finally noticed, which requires a more in-depth restoration.

5. Toilet Seals

Every toilet is sealed to the floor and waste pipe with a gasket and a wax ring. When this fails, small amounts of wastewater can leak out. You may not notice the leak because it tends to happen beneath the flooring. If your toilet wiggles, or if the floor feels spongy around the base, then the seal has likely failed. The water damage to the floor must be replaced and the seal repaired. 

Contact a water damage restoration service if you spot any of these types of water damage.

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