Laminate Countertop Repairs To Keep Your Kitchen Looking Like New

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If you have laminate countertops in your kitchen, damage to the surfaces can lead to other problems. Therefore, you might need to have your countertops repaired to deal with issues like peeling veneers, chips, and other damage. The following laminate countertop repairs will make your kitchen look like new again:

Minor Scratches in Laminate Surfaces

The minor damage to the laminate surfaces in kitchens are often small scratches and blemishes. These issues are usually not too deep and can easily be repaired using special fillers. These fillers should be the same colors as the finish and applied in areas where there are visible scratches and blemishes. After the scratches have been filled, buffing and polishing the surface will complete the repairs to the laminate.

Damage Due to Deep Cuts In Laminates

Sometimes, the scratches on the surfaces of laminate countertops are more than just blemishes. When the cuts are deep enough to reach the base materials, it can cause the laminate veneer to come loose. This happens when moisture and debris damage the adhesive. Therefore, these problems may require new adhesive to be applied and then the cut area filled with a matching filler. These repairs might be needed in areas where there are deep gouges, and the laminate has started to bubble around the damaged area.

Laminate Countertop Veneers Coming Unglued

In addition to the areas where countertops have been gouged, there are other areas where adhesives can start to degrade. This often happens around areas of the laminate veneers where there are exposed edges. The laminates can begin to lift in these areas and might need to be repaired by lifting up the damaged area and applying new adhesives. This will prevent these problems from growing and causing further damage to the laminate finishes.

Refinishing the Damaged Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops are finished with a durable veneer that is applied to particleboard or other substrate material. These surfaces can be polished and refinished to give the countertops in your kitchen new life. If you want to preserve the existing finish, they can be repaired and polished to give them a new finish. There are also options to have the surfaces covered with a new veneer to give them a brand new finish.

The damage to laminate countertops can be a serious issue that needs to be repaired. Contact a laminate countertop repair service for help fixing the damage to the surfaces in your kitchen.  

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