Servicing Truck Trailers When Needed To Keep Them On The Road

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If you are a truck and trailer operator, it is important that the maintenance gets done to your fleet. While routine maintenance gets done every time a driver makes a stop, the trailers may get neglected. Thus, it is important to keep up with truck trailer maintenance to ensure your fleet is reliable and deliveries can be made on time. The following information will help with the truck trailer maintenance your fleet needs to stay on the road:

Maintaining Trailer Air Brake Systems

The air brakes are the first thing you should check when inspecting truck trailers. These systems are important and allow trucks to carry trailers with heavy cargo. The trailer air brakes have air cylinders and components that can fail and may need to be replaced when they wear out. When doing trailer maintenance, the air brakes need to be inspected, and worn parts should be replaced before they cause failures.

Inspecting Quick-Connect Mechanical Connections

Today, most truck trailers use quick-connect fittings where they are connected to the trucks that pull them. These fittings need to be inspected regularly and sometimes need to be replaced if they are faulty or too worn. When needed, replacing the quick-connect fittings will prevent problems with equipment failures and issues with trailers when deliveries need to be made.

Greasing and Inspecting Truck Trailer Axle Assemblies

The axles of trailers are the main moving components that carry the weight of loads and the stress of driving. Thus, they are parts that need to be well-maintained to ensure they are working properly. On larger truck trailers, these are often dual axle systems with springs and suspension components. To prevent wear and problems that need to be repaired, you want to grease the trailer axle components regularly.

Repairing Damage To Truck Trailer Bodies and Specialty Equipment

Another area of your trailer that you don't want to overlook is the trailer body. There may be unsightly damage, but it could also affect the mechanical operation of your truck and trailer. There is even specialized equipment that is installed on some trailers, such as lift gates. These systems should be inspected and maintained to ensure they are working correctly and that no repairs need to be done. Some trailers may also have refrigeration, batteries, and other equipment that needs to be inspected and maintained when doing maintenance.

The warmer months of the year are a good time to maintain trailers to ensure they are ready to deliver cargo. Contact a truck trailer maintenance service if you need help taking care of the trailers in your fleet. A company like A 24-7 Repair Services can provide more information. 

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