Repairing Asphalt Shingles After Storms Cause Damage to Roofing

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When storms cause damage to your home, the asphalt shingles are going to need some repairs. There might be different types of roof repairs that you need to be done after storms. The following asphalt shingle repairs are some of the work you may need to have done to your home after storms cause damage.

Structural Roof Damage

Storms can cause severe structural issues that need to be repaired. Often, these issues affect asphalt shingle roofs. There are various problems with structural damage that may need to be repaired when repairing your asphalt shingles. The damage that needs to be repaired might be rafters and roof bracing that have been damaged due to wind and other issues. Therefore, your roof structure will need to be inspected when you are repairing the shingles. Most roofing contractors will be able to help with the minor repairs that need to be done to roof structures.  

Wind Damage to Shingles

The winds from storms can also cause severe damage to your home. There are various problems that can start with wind, which can blow the shingles off of your roof. Sometimes, the wind damage will require specific repairs, such as replacing sections of roofing or missing shingles that have been blown off. You may also need to repair shingles that are torn or lifted due to high winds that come with storms and other severe weather.

Pitting and Asphalt Shingle Leaks

Weather phenomena like hail can also cause severe damage to asphalt shingles, and this damage may not be visible at first. Leaking and leaks may also be due to issues like heavy rains, which can cause aggregate to wear off. You may need to have your roofer inspect the surface of your roof for these issues when they repair other storm damage.

Torn and Debris Damage to Asphalt Shingles

The shingles can also be torn or damaged by debris and other causes. The debris that causes damage to asphalt shingles can come from things like trees or loose objects during storms. The debris can cause tears and roofing, holes in decking, and other problems that are going to need to be repaired. You can do your part to prevent debris damage by trimming trees and keeping loose objects safely stored during severe weather.

The asphalt shingles on your home can be severely damaged during storms. Contact a roofing service for help repairing the damage to your roof.

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